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Gavin Baust


I’ve always been an active person, I started playing Australian Rules football at 7 years of age. As I got older I started cardiovascular and weight training to better my football and work towards every little boy’s dream of playing in the AFL. Unfortunately, I did not make the AFL, but as a result I developed a love and a passion for fitness; living a fit and healthy lifestyle and wanting to inspire others to do the same. 

Then life got in the way!

I was working hard to develop a career, to make a living for myself and live comfortably. A little too comfortably!

I’d finally made it to the top of my chosen field, but this meant I now sat at a desk all day. I had continued my old training and eating habits, and I found myself unhappy with how I now looked.

I was putting on weight where I didn’t want it and losing muscle tone. 

But I now worked fulltime shift work at a desk 40-50 hour a week. How was I going to get the old me back?

The fit, athletic, energised me. The active person who still deep down inside wanted to inspire others, but not looking like this!

So, I made a choice to do something for me. I studied my certificate in Personal Training, I researched and taught myself about nutrition and health. And committed myself to being a better version of myself! 

A decided to compete in Bodybuilding, Physique and Fitness competitions. To show people that even with my chosen career. I can still be fit, active and healthy. 


I want you to get back too. Or discover the fitter, healthier, happier you!

I set out to write programs to help you, because I have been there. I have been unhappy with myself, and how I looked and felt. And I have transformed myself into what I always wanted to be.

I know that not everyone has the time to train at the gym, not everyone knows what to cook to stay feeling full, energised and healthy. 

That’s why I have done it for you, I have created programs that range from training at home in your own private way with nothing but your own body weight. Too muscle and strength building programs, tailored to getting you the physique worthy of a magazine cover.

I have created meals for you that are nutritious, tasty and full of energy. AND you don’t need to miss out!

How may “diets” contain chocolate fudge? Or Ice-cream? 

The beauty about my program, is that there is no “diet” it is a lifestyle! This is the way to have the body of your dreams, the body you deserve. But being able to live and enjoy life the way you want to do it!

I am now one of Australia’s top competing fitness models, with a highly awarded physique, competing around the globe in the World Beauty, Fitness, Fashion (WBFF) Federation. And I am striving to become a professional on the world stage. 

I am forever learning and educating myself to be the best I can. 

And I will use my knowledge, and proven training, nutrition, and lifestyle practices. To help you become the best version of yourself and achieve your goal.

I know what it feels like! Because I was once there! 

Online Training Programs



8 Week Transformation Training & Nutrition Guide

Sick of spending so much time in the gym with no guidance or direction?

Not making the progress you had hoped for?

Purchase this training and nutrition package and get the results you're after!

Follow a structured training plan and diet guide, that helped me win titles.

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To discover my full range of E-books.


The Nutrition Guide.

An assortment of healthy, nutritious meals and recipes used by me throughout my training plans.

WARRIOR-Becoming A Ninja.

The 12 week program that enabled me to compete with the best on the Ninja Warrior course.

Twelve weeks to 12kms.

A program designed to improve cardiovascular health, fitness, and increase running distance.





A 12 week training program to get you toned, trimmed, and transform you on the inside and out. 

And all from the comfort of your own home.

With a vast range of simple to do at home exercises. This program is designed to induce a drop in overall body fat, while increasing cardiovascular fitness and endurance, muscle strength and tone.

Suitable for all fitness levels, and experience.

Simple to follow exercise examples make it easy to join me and follow along to a better version of yourself.

--Included in this program--

- A 12 week exercise program from the comfort of your own home.

- 3 x 20 minute workouts a week.

- Simple, effective, fun exercises.

- Full exercise demonstrations.

- Healthy eating ideas and detailed recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between.

- Suitable for all ages & fitness levels.


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